Release 1.0.4

Release 1.0.4 includes enhancements and bug fixes.

  • [BUG] - Show DateTime UTC as Local 
  • [BUG] - Entity in Sort table to be replaced by current entity 
  • [ENH] - Add sortable and orderable functionality
  • [ENH] - Make Properties visible only if showOnViewAction is set to yes
  • [ENH] - Change RoleName from Oqtane Developer to AOS Developer
  • [ENH] - Add readonly attribute to all Inputs
  • [ENH] - Add maxLength to attribute to Input of type string on OqtaneEntityAddEditTemplate
  • [BUG] - Ignore Folders which cannot be created in production
  • [ENH] - Redact Location and RootPath in Solution 
  • [BUG] - Change EntityBuilder.Create to EntityBuilder.Drop in the RenderDropEntityBuilders Method